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City of Hope

Founded in 1913, City of Hope is a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center and a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, making it a national leader in advancing research and treatment protocols.
City of Hope has been ranked among the nation’s “Best Hospitals” in cancer by US News & World Report for over a decade.


City of Hope is a leader in research and innovation, which continually enhances our ability to provide novel and differentiated approaches to cancer care. With our scientists, clinical staff and manufacturing specialists working side-by-side, advances in treatment can travel from laboratory to patient with lifesaving speed.

  • Clinical trial participation is a critical aspect of care for many patients living with cancer. Our patients can access more than 500 clinical trials investigating potentially groundbreaking treatments. Today, City of Hope enrolled more than 6,000 patients in clinical trials this year, including in over 100 clinical trials in breast cancer alone. These trials provide unique treatment options to City of Hope patients and pave the way for important breakthrough therapies.
  • City of Hope is a pioneer in bone marrow and stem cell transplants. As one of the largest and most successful programs of its kind in the U.S., our program attracts patients across the nation and world.
  • Numerous breakthrough cancer drugs, including Herceptin, Erbitux, Rituxan and Avastin, are based on technology pioneered by City of Hope.
  • City of Hope is at the leading edge of an immunotherapy called chimeric antigen receptor therapy — also known as CAR T cell therapy — with one of the most comprehensive programs in the world, and more than 45 clinical trials either in process or completed, targeting various hematologic and solid tumors, including brain tumors.

City of Hope

  • City of Hope patients benefit from our extraordinary capabilities and leading-edge technology advances such as the application of robotics to remove disease and the use of innovative methods to deliver chemotherapy to treat tumors that would otherwise be unreachable; the use of genetically re-engineered white cells to target and attack a patient’s cancer cells; and the use of advanced imaging techniques to more precisely deliver radiation therapy.

    Our support also extends to our community through our network of clinical locations. We work with our patients and their families at each step of the journey, providing interdisciplinary supportive services, including psychology, patient education, support groups such as Couples Coping With Cancer, social work, physical and occupational therapy, and nutritional and financial counseling.

    Underpinning this approach is our excellence in turning tomorrow’s treatments into today’s tailored patient plans and therapies. We are committed to delivering the most leading-edge treatment options to our patients and discovering new ways to combat a wide variety of cancers.

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