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Cancer Support Community / Gilda's Club

MyLifeLine exists to easily connect cancer patients and caregivers with friends and family in order to reduce stress, anxiety and isolation.


Create your own private web site and online community - complete with your own chat area, blog, keepsake journal and discussion boards.


Create a calendar so friends can work with you to plan ways and days they can help.


Find support by connecting with others.


Get free counseling for a cancer patient or family member.


Cancer Support Community / Gilda's Club

  • By creating your own private website, our goal is to help you find hope, regain control, document your journey, and receive social, emotional, and practical support from friends and family throughout the treatment process and beyond.

    On MyLifeLine discussion boards, you can connect with others like you. Share your unique cancer experiences and offer insights, coping strategies and inspiration. Covering a wide range of topics like coping with side effects of cancer treatment, nutrition with cancer, and caregiver support, our discussion boards are moderated by licensed mental health professionals and are available 24/7.

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